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Recruiting Talent and the Challenges of 2021

At Virtue Talent, we’re always looking to swerve the inevitable challenges thrown at us in the process of recruitment. We must find the best talent within the engineering and construction industry to help our clients get their desired results.

We have worked on some of the largest mega-projects and are proud to say that we helped put talent in touch with the companies of their dreams. However, the road to finding the right people is not always smooth sailing and comes with bumps and challenges along the way.

Here are 3 challenges in talent acquisition and recruitment in 2021:

1. Brand Awareness

According to LinkedIn, 75% of potential employees will dig around into an employer’s brand before even considering applying for the role. At the point of being offered an interview, they will, of course, look further into your business and conduct research into your company.

If they like what they see and what you have to offer them as a company, the chances will be positive that they’ll turn up to interview and be raring to go. The difficulties, however, arise when they put your company name into a search engine only to find that your website is unimpressive; the information on there is thin. In addition, your general social media existence is non-existent.

Another faux pas is, of course, not being able to find your company on Google at all or your brand being the 12th on the list of results. A way to address this is through creating a strong brand through having regular blog posts, regular social media posts, and an informative and slick website (often complete with informational videos) which are all now almost seen as the industry standard.

If you fall below what is expected, you may find yourself frustrated and unable to attract top-quality candidates, even if your business is great with high talent retention.

2. Previous and Current Employee Satisfaction

Another part of online presence and brand awareness is what your current and previous employees saying about you online. Whilst you can place restrictions on current employees regarding what they’re allowed to post about your company on social media, previous employees are another matter.

Websites like Glassdoor make it now easier than ever for burnt ex-employees to air their frustrations and vent about ‘what went wrong.’ Therefore, it is recommended to be more aware than ever about how you treat both current and departing employees and do what is practicable to part on good terms.

3. Scarcity of Quality Candidates

The field of construction and engineering can oftentimes require candidates with specific skill sets, qualifications and previous experience. Those who have an excellent reputation and the right education are a golden bunch.

Due to this scarcity of top talent, employers can sometimes find themselves ultra-competitive in portraying the right image, combined with proven industry chops, to attract the right candidate to the job.

Employers can sometimes find themselves in a bidding war for top talent, so it’s important to make an excellent impression on the potential employee at an interview. Showing up on time, providing refreshments and stationery, as well as a warm and welcoming ethos and manner, is key to building rapport with the candidate that you’re looking to secure.


While salaries are important, most employees will go where the right fit is, rather than the right numbers in those salary figures. Bolstering your mission, ethos, and brand awareness, as well as being welcoming, will help set you apart from other employers.

We hope you enjoyed this blog. Please give it a share if you found it helpful.


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