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How To Attract Top Talent for Your Company in 2021

Looking to attract top talent to your company? As our companies expand and some employees inevitably move on to new companies, or projects end and evolve, our practices must evolve, too.

The way that candidates look for jobs is changing. As company owners, it’s important to know where to have a presence and be visible to top talent within the construction and engineering industry.

At Virtue Talent, we’re always looking to keep our clients clued in on the best business practices for attracting the right talent.

H2: Let’s take a closer look at how you can attract top talent to your company:

H2: 1. Give Them Insight

In the same way that making the wrong hire can be costly and painful for you and your company, from broken client relationships to delays, there is a converse truth for the candidate; candidates will not want to switch companies unless they’re confident that it’s the right move for them.

If you are still managing to attract candidates without much online insight into your company, you are more likely to suffer lower employee retention as the candidate may feel that they didn’t have a true idea of life in your company until their first day on the job.

Having blogs and social media that provide insight and intrigue and something as direct as a day in the life blog post will help give the right candidate the insight they require.

This is really key now more than ever, as 70% of potential candidates are passive candidates, meaning that they may not necessarily be actively looking for a role before being attracted to work at your company. Up to 90% of these candidates would be interested in switching to a new company, given the right role came up for them.

Show Your Diversity

As diversity in age, race, sexuality, class, and gender becomes more thoroughly the norm throughout multiple professions, construction and engineering are moving in the same direction. There are many benefits to a diverse workforce, which you can read up on by checking out one of our blogs on diversity here.

In a recent survey conducted by Glassdoor, a whopping 67% of candidates ranked diversity as an important factor when assessing companies and workforces and evaluating a job offer—that’s two-thirds of your potential candidates.

For companies looking to recruit more women into their business, take particular note, as a breakdown of the data shows that 72% saw a diverse workforce as an important factor of the women asked.

3. Employ the Right Recruitment Partner

At Virtue Talent, you can rest assured that we implement innovative, inclusive resourcing that put time, care and passion into attracting the right talent and ensuring that the talent is the right match for you.

We have 13 years of experience in sourcing the very best candidates for our clients. We’re aware of the ever-changing process that makes for a successful hire for your project.

For a no-obligation chat, why not call us today to see if we are the right fit for you.


Virtue talent partners with engineering and construction organisations to recruit skill shortage and underrepresented groups in the workplace; contact us to find out how we can assist in achieving your employment objectives.


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