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Gender Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Achieving gender equality is not just a human right but it’s important to have a huge impact on your business. It aids in stepping up your business, increase office productivity, and improve staff development. You can say that the key element that always works is gender diversity at your workplace.

What is gender diversity? It commonly represents the ratio of women and men at an organization. You may read stories and in the news about the gender diversity in the corporate world and political benches dominated by men usually.

The most common industrial areas that are widely male-dominant include engineering, science, medicine, and computing. While most of us undoubtedly agree that to have a productive and fair environment, a balance of gender diversity is essential. This is not something that refers to a common belief nor the case of the modern age. Gender diversity at a workplace specifically defines the ratio of men and women that should be similar, they should be hired at a consistent rate, given the equal proportion of opportunities to grow, and should be paid equally.

How Can We Help Your Organization Become Gender Diverse?

Almost every girl and boy unconsciously treated with diversified stereotypes concerning what they can achieve and not from early years of their age. It’s not regarded and well-known that females typically perform better whether in their school days or working lives but often the case which is known to all is they obtain fewer leadership roles and eventually earn less.

Diminishing the participation gap in construction and Engineering companies in terms of gender equality can increase GDP by 35%.

A diversified workforce outperforms when they are given equal opportunities in an organization as compared to those that aren’t. It also aids in reducing staff turnover and increases profitability within a company.

Companies that have 25% gender diversity at their top executive levels are most likely to perform 21% above-average profitability than the companies that don’t.

Gender Diversity at A Workplace

Historically, working women make around 40% workforce in the entire world. As in the US, only 5% of them are in the top executive positions. In fact, studies have stated that the gender gap in Australia stayed around 14% in 2014. The reason why the female workforce fall short in making career moves is they fall pregnant or ask for fewer pay rises or maybe they select jobs that don’t really pay them well.

Companies that work to minimize the gender diversity gap benefit from profitability in much lesser time, with reduced risks, improved financial performances, robust decision making, and the attraction for talent often increases.

So how can you benefit your organization from implementing gender diversity policies? There are 5 key benefits that your company can obtain by reducing the gender diversity gap.

1. Augmented positivity in the office environment

An office environment that provides equal opportunities can increase ambitions to achieve high goals that eventually benefit the company. If female employees are given a chance to progress, it can greatly increase the positivity in the office.

2. Drop Turnover rate

For businesses, employee turnover becomes a big challenge when the culture is not suitable for both genders. Inclusive business cultures are likely to experience a lower turnover rate.

3. Widen your talent hunt

The policy that depicts gender diversity opens up the doors of opportunities for the talent that may have overlooked in past decades. There are many significant attributes that a competitive employee bring to your boardroom table.

4. Improved Reputation

In the tech era with more digital marketing solutions and ultra-fast paced networking tools, news travels like the fire in the forest. A business that shows diversity through the channels is more likely to tap into career-oriented talent.

5. Direct Representation

People are more influenced by the products and services that are advertised through proper strategies and policies. Therefore, to approach your business goals rapidly, a diversified workforce is a must.


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