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Working together to achieve better outcomes: 

When entering a process, job seekers and candidates desire to be heard. In an age of AI, futuristic technology and automation, speaking to a natural person is becoming more challenging. 

Even with the latest tech, candidates are still being 'ghosted'. Any jobseeker who has applied for a job should at least receive a no thank you, and any candidate who has entered into a process, I.E., Resuem, has been put forward to a potential employer or has had an interview should at least receive a phone call to advise of the outcome. More so, constructive feedback should be given to provide the prospective applicant with potentially valuable information for their following interview. 

Most external recruiters will only receive a fee after a placement has been made; it is in the recruiter's interest to get the best outcome for everyone involved. We do this by communicating, advising, and partnering with you every step of the way. 

Taking a resume and then flicking it on to a prospective employer only to never hear back from the recruiter or the recruiter getting in contact when a resume has been accepted for an interview is not recruitment. In the industry, we call this the flick-and-stick approach, which doesn't last. 

At Virtue, we want to get to know you professionally and personally. What drives and motivates you? What opportunities can potentially excel your career?

For 16 years and counting, we have been crafting and tweaking our trade better to serve you and the recruitment industry's reputation. We are only human, and we don't always get it right, but we'll listen to feedback and respond. We only work with employers whose values align with ours.


They should display humility, flexibility, a low turnover rate, and a positive industry reflection; they embrace a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters recognition and growth. 

As a small boutique, we can't help everyone, but we will try! 

Our process and candidate care package includes the following: 

  • Names of the company 

  • Why the position is available 

  • A detailed position description

  • Introductory phone or video meeting 

  • Resume and cover letter tips and mentoring 

  • Candidate success quesitonnaire 

  • Cultural insight

  • Leadership insight 

  • Project Insight 

  • Turnover insight

  • Opportunities for progression 

  • Face-to-face or video meeting (pre-interview)

  • Emloyer interview(s) arrangement and mentoring and coaching 

  • Post-interview constructive feedback 

Placement initiatives:

  • Virtue Talent office gift pack to get you started 

  • Monthly check-ins (first six to twelve months) 

  • $200 to a charity of your choice (post-probation) 

  • Ongoing communication 


At Virtue Talent, we partner with industry-leading talent to find suitable opportunities that are not always advertised on job boards or the market. 


Most of the roles we fill are opportunistic. And as such, you could be missing out on some career-defining opportunities. 

Book a free consultation and find out if we can assist you in your search.

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